Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Roma has developed a small E17 LED Light Bulb

Roma has developed a small LED bulb "LDA4L-G-E17" can support E17 lamp holder, compare with the original LED bulbs such as 12 volt LED lights, new products reduce the size of the power part, the shade of the hemispherical shape is more nearly spherical. LED light source module use the COB construct without mirror, the shape almost identical to  old-fashioned small krypton bulb to achieve 180°light distribution angle.

Prior to the disadvantage of small LED bulb is less luminous part of the light distribution angle narrow, dark horizontal and supply side. The brightness of the new product is equivalent to a 25W mini krypton bulb. The shade is made of the proliferation of Roma self-developed material that can be issued does not point to the warmth of light. The bulb the total luminous flux of 265lm, the power consumption of 4W. The light color than incandescent light color. Design life (the luminous flux dropped to 70% of the initial time) is approximately 40,000 hours. Pricing is open, expect the actual price of less than 2000 yen.

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